Lineage CT1.5 Kamael NEW L2



– Importance of majority of alliance functions, beside the ally chat and something called “alliance sentence”, decreased essentially.
– Penalty of alliance deletion decreased from 10 days to 1 day.
– No personal penalties imposed on anymore (no exp penalties).Siege wars
– At any war activities members of your alliance no longer supposed friends.
– Clans from the one’s alliance can sing up for defence or attack side according to their will.
– (still unclear) Temporary separate alliances created for each side – one for side of attack and one for side of defence. While siege war runs major alliance has no effect (its effect overridden by temporary siege one).
– If siege succeeded the temporary alliance of winning clan didn’t change.
– If siege succeeded the temporary alliance of winning side gets some points (We assume CRP lol) and ported out from the goal. (It’s absolutely unclear around point. It’s also unclear which side is teleported out – the winning one or the losing one.)Clans relationships
– Clans can make relationships to clans that have an alliance. Also clans can make short-time alliances with clans that have an alliance already. (The time and the method are unclear.)7 signs (aka AA farming)
– Clan from an ally that owns a castle can sing up for dusk side.
– If the dusk side broken the seals, clan that signed to for the dusk side cannot participate in a castle defense. The registration of such clan cancelled when siege war start.


Siege requirements
– Level of a clan participating siege war increased 4 -> 5.
– The clan leader’s skill which was previously available at lvl 4 of a clan, changed to be available at lvl 5 of a clan..

Clan level increase conditions
– Consumed Sp’s to increase lvls 1 ->5 reduced.
– Clan members number to get lvls 8 -> 9 reduced from 140 to 120.

Forts (strongholds)
– When a clan owns a fort, its leader can ride a wyvern.
– When you’re entering a fort, regarding information appears on the map.
– When a clan owns a fort for 75 hours, it gets attacked by ‘unstoppable force’. (It supposes you cannot stop that thing, which means your fort WILL return to NPC’s when 75 hours are over after your clan wins it.)
– After a fort has attacked by ‘unstoppable force’, clans cannot register for a siege within 2 hours.
– The leader of a clan that owns a fortes can get information on the time left before ‘unstoppable force’ attacks. Condition of neighbor forts can make sense on the timer.
– Fort garrison NPC weakened.
– At the kamael+ update downtime all forts will return to NPC’s. If there’s some fort owners at server down moment, they will get some compensation.

– 22 new quests added.
– 30-40 changes of old quests made. Now your quest reward is penalized if your lvl is 6 above the recommended limits.

(The translator failed at town and NPC names so we have no translation for certain starting points. The translator notes new 3rd class quest for kamael inspector.)

Old quest changes (translator’s remark – he got f*cked up with this part)
– Kamael 2nd class quests reward increased. (Don’t sure if such rewards increased for other classes, not for kamael. If anyone played kamael, let us know if NPC’s give enough teleporting diamonds and exp/Sp.)
– Some quest named “Now that the power load on the blade” (Enchant your weapon – translator’s remark) now produces lvl 15 SA-crystals (translator highly impressed here). Bosses named balath, antharas, valakas changed accordingly.
– Some golem boss at Island of prayer now produces lvl 14 SA-crystals. (Probably original contains more but the translator can’t read more.)
– Some quest named “Chains attached to your brothers” is now available until lvl 85.
– The reward kamaels get from some quest named “Navigation arrogant” changed to comfort such for other classes.

Brief compilation on new/changed items
Weapon and armor

– Top-S grade weapons added.
– Yes, all new items are S80 grade.

Top S80 grade
All top s80 grade weapons use SA-lvl of 15 lvl, colored red/green/blue to get the following benefits (it’s another brief translation of SA’s).

Sword of Icarus (focus / health / light)
Icarus Heavy Arms (focus / health / light)
Icarus Spirit (acumen / mana up / empower)
Icarus scepter (cheap shot / guidance / focus)
Icarus (dagger) (focus / evasion / crit.dmg.)
Trident Icarus (anger / crit.stun / light)
Icarus Hammer (anger / health / rsk.focus)
Icarus Hall (mana up / empower / acumen)
Icarus Hand (rsk.evasion / focus / Huh)
Icarus (a.swrd.) (focus / health / light)
Icarus (rapier) (focus / health / light)
Icarus Shooter (arbalest) (cheap shot / guidance / focus)

Low S80
All top s80 grade weapons use SA-lvl of 14 lvl, colored red/green/blue to get the following benefits (it’s another brief translation of SA’s).

Dynasty staff (mana up / empower / acumen)
Dynasty crusher (anger / health / rsk.focus)

Armors modifications (shoulders)
Dynasty [Plate Armor]:
– Shield mastery
– Weapon mastery
– Force mastery (survivability???)

Dynasty [light armor]
– Dagger mastery
– Bow mastery
– Force mastery (survivability???)
– Weapon mastery (they get at last damagers are not only archers and daggers)
– Enchanter aka buffer (yes, some of them has light armor mastery – surprise! surprise!)
– Summoner (no idea)

Dynasty [robe of silver satin]
– Healer
– Enchanter (aka buffer)
– Wizard
– Summoner

Monster and NPC’s
Them park island settled with NPC’s and conforming monsters.

– You can take part in games of fun on theme park island 4 times a day
– You can see different unique environment depending on time.

The games
The games begin in the evening with NPC/monster concerto… (no will to translate the rest)

Hunting grounds
Hell bound – the towers of steel
– The tower of steel, where the boss beleth is located, is a great place to hunt monsters (aka grinding and farming lol) and other pve related joys.
– You have to gain reputation around hellbound’s natives in order to enter the towers.
– The tower of the King consist of several buildings (tower’s lobby, tower of space, little tower of Toledo, tower of ages).
– If you get disconnected while you’re in (tower’s lobby, tower of space, little tower of Toledo), you will be automatic ported to local ‘oasis’ after 10 minutes.
– (some unclear here) If you get disconnected while you’re in (the tower of ages, beleth residence), you will be automatic ported to local ‘oasis’ momentarily.
– If the server goes down for more than 30 minutes, you will be automatic ported to local ‘oasis’.

Tower’s lobby
– It consists of 2-floor labyrinth.
– You have to satisfy certain conditions to enter it. You have to gain reputation around hellbound’s natives in order to enter it.

Tower of space
– It is the residence for two bosses: ‘debil Duke’ and ‘ranku’.
– You have to pass through it to enter the (little tower of Toledo).

Little tower of Toledo
– Its 8th flood is the residence of a raid boss ‘darion’.
– To enter the (tower of ages) you have to slay this boss.

Tower of ages
– It is the residence for new epic boss called beleth.
– You have to pass through it within 1 hour otherwise you get ported out. (to ‘oasis’ as i see.)

Old locations
– Rewards for dino island monsters increased significantly.


New buffs replace 2 existing buffs on target. Dont need SP to learn themct soul vortex
Lightning Barrier (80lvl) – gives electrical current near enemies. makes them paralyze instantly.
Soul Barrier (58lvl) – deactivate bad magic
Soul Cleanse (66lvl) – Removes all debuffs from caster. 2 souls
Rush Impact (78lvl) – Rush with shock and damage effect
Mass Disarm (79lvl) – mass disarm

Soul Barrier (58lvl) – deactivate bad magic
Soul Cleanse (66lvl) – Removes all debuffs from caster. 2 souls
Wild Shot (??lvl) – fires bolts. critical possible. only with bowgun. overhit possible. consumes 2 souls. Power 5750
Betrayal Mark (78lvl) – party buff Reflect Dmg.

Lightning Barrier (80lvl) – gives electrical current near enemies. makes them paralyze instantly.

New skills 81 lvl:

Wizards, Healers, Enchanters, Summoners:
Protection of Rune – magic resist
Protection of Elemental – elemental resist
Protection of Alignment – divine resist

Warriors, Rogues, Knights:
Fighter’s Will – for melee weapon increase patk/atkspeed/accuracy
Archer’s Will – for bow weapon increase patk/atkspeed/accuracy and range
Anti Magic Armor – greater magic resist

Hell Knight:
Seed of Revenge – increase dmg depend on critical
Insane Creative – 3 stady increase seeds
Hell Scream – increase pdef by taking evasion

Elemental Master Lvl 79
Strider lvl 61

Phoenix Knight:
Spirit of Phoenix – Imbue phoenix soul, effect increase by taking dmg. Gives fire attack attribute and fire resist. Additional effects on improved spirit.
Flame Icon – great combat ability improvement
Eva’s Templar:
Eva’s Will – Put Eva blessing. Eva’s Will grow by taking dmg.High Eva’s Will add new effects. Add mdef, run speed and critical (base on water attribute, no idea what that could mean).
Touch of Eva – greater increase HP regeneration and maximum HP boost

Shillien Templar:
Pain of Shillien – Share Shillen pain. Pain of Shillien grow when u deal dmg. High Eva’s Will add new effect.Increase crit dmg, run speed, and add vampiric effect (base on wind attribute)
Touch of Shillien – Increase CP around target. Staffed disabling effects

Expose Weak Point – when u take dmg target lose evasion. Increase critical
Sixth Sense – HP<30%increase evasion
Exciting Adventure (Adventurer)/Wind Riding (Wind Rider)/Ghost Walking (Ghost Hunter) – runs in battle field like wind . Greater increase speed, evasion, mortal strikes chance and ability to evade phis skills

Flame Hawk – Overhit power 5750

Moonlight Sentinel
Arrow Rain -Overhit power 4312

Ghost Sentinel:
Ghost Piercing – Overhit power 6037.

Dread Pull – Decrease run speed around

Sonic Cyclone – Some kind of AОЕ
Weapon Blockade – Block weapon usage ability at target.

Grand Khavatari:
Force of Destruction – lvl 2 focus required. Only for fist weapon. Crit possible . Power 2516

Insanity Crusher – When u in rage (or frenzy) hit enemies around. Power 9014.
Demolition Impact – Tide of destruction. Crit possible.Overhit. Power 5750

Golem Armor – Transform in Battle Golem with new skills
Unknown (golem skill) -Remove bad buffs on Golem
Unknown (golem skill) -Make special golem fuel, that fuel can make him more powerfull

Bounty Hunter:
Unknown – Strong hit with shock effect . Power 4133

Flame Armor – Fire armor, Add fire resist and dmg nearby enemies
Mystic Muse:
Frost Armor – Water armor, Add water resist and decrease run speed nearby enemies

Storm Screamer:
Hurricaine Armor – Wind armor, Add wind resist and decrease atk speed nearby enemies

Vampiric Mist – Mist taking away life of nearby enemies. Power 117.

Servitor Barrier – Celestial for summon, use 5 spirit ore.
Excessive Loyalty – Summon go in rage when master take hit
Mutual Response – When u attack summon restore hp/mp

Sublime Self Sacrifice – sacrifice urself to make party invicible

Eva’s Saint:
Blessing of Eva – Restore full hp/mp and can remove debuffs

Shillien Saint:
Thorn Root – Mass Dryad Root and dmg nearby enemies.
Lord of Vampire – Great vampiric effect

Seal of Limit – temporary decrease effectivness hp/mp/cp restoring magic for nearby enemies

1. Change over the body skill. Now need 80% cp in order to use him and CP will be consumed by time
2. Faster cast but increase cooldown for Power break and hex.
3. All rush skills (berserker) increase range with every lvl.
4-6. Magic seed of (element) change so now increase dmg from (element).
7. All parameters in Final Form dramatic increased
8. Skills hate, aura hate add chance 3 second debuff locking target.
9. СNext skills dont need special conditions anymore. So changes power and reuse time : Aura sumphony, inferno, blizzard, demonic wind, elemental assault/strike/storm.
20. Next passives : magic resistance, anti-magic now increase every lvl chance to resist magic
11.Overweight pets going to destroy them
12.Changes SP cost for some kamael skills
13. Change Nobless harmony skills so it can be used only in pvp zone
14. Next skills gonna be toggel now: ‘sony counter’ (Huh), ‘counter Rapid shots’ (boost attack speed?), dash counters (quick step?), counter mind (focus mind? clear mind?)
15. To next skills add new effects:
– blunt mastery: empower attacking skils, chance put debuff increase МР consumption.
16. Important changes to next skills:
– hate, aura hate: lower enemy dmg
– shield stun: elemental attributes changes so increase resist
17. WHen u wear crossbow even with atk speed buffs effect adjusted.
18. Changed sp cost for several skills.
19. Error with Dance of light corrected
21. Changed augment ressurection to be correct with low WIT

1. New lvl cap (85 lvl for first job) – already here.
2. New skills – already here.
3. New skills enchant cap – already here.
4. Stats and probably names of new weaps you can learn here. If you can’t read Russian, don’t worry, you really don’t need that comments.
5. Information on new sikill granted by subclasses.
All skills granted by subclasses available only for your first (main) job. So if you have no will to play your first job since you added a subclass, you won’t get anything.
a. depending of LVL of your sub there’re certain skills:
– lvl 65 sub grants passive skill of increased patk/matk/pdef/mdef
– lvl 70 sub grants greater versions of one skill from the above or passive skill of increased critical/c.spd stat.
– lvl 75 sub grants even more greater versions of one skill from the above or one special skill depending on your sub prof.

the summoner sub (Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner) grants one of the following passive skill:
a. Boost HP/MP : Max. HP and Max. MP increased
b. Resist Element Attribute : Elemental attack resistance increased
c. Counter Spirit : adds a chance to get a soul when you get hit (?maybe it means uber buff for a summoned beast?) (another source says that cast.spd. and magic dmg. go up.)

the healer sub (Shillien Elder, Elder, Bishop) grants one of the following passive skill:
a. Resist divine Attribute: Dark[=unholy] and Sacred[=divine=holy] attributed attacks resistance increased
b. Prayer : heal effectiveness increased
c. Counter Heal : adds a chance to heal your HP when you get hit

the Warrior sub (Gladiator, Warlord, Bounty Hunter, Tyrant, Destroyer, Soulbreaker, Berserker) grants one of the following passive skill:
a. Boost CP : max CP increased
b. Resist Mental : Resistance to sleep, hold, paralyze, cancel attacks increased
c. Counter Haste : adds a chance to increase your atk. speed when you get hit

the Enchanter sub (Prophet, Warcryer, Inspector) grants one of the following passive skill:
a. Boost Mana : max. MP increased
b. Mana Recovery : MP restoration speed increased
c. Counter Barrier : adds a chance of few moments of invulnerability for you when you get hit

the Rogue sub (Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Treasure Hunter, Plains Walker, Abyss Walker, Arbalester) grants one of the following passive skill:
a. Evasion : evasion increased
b. Long Shot : normal shot range increased
c. Counter Focus : adds a chance of to increase your critical stat when you get hit

the Wizard sub (Sorcerer, Spellsinger, Spellhowler, Necromancer) grants one of the following passive skill:
a. Empower : M.Atk increased
b. Mana Gain : amount of MP restored by recharge skills increased.
c. Counter Mana Steal : adds a chance of to steal some MP’s when you get hit

the Knight sub (Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight, Sword Singer, Bladedancer – read the comment after this section) grants one of the following passive skill:
a. Boost HP : Max. HP increased
b. Crit.dmg Reduction : Resistance to critical hits you get increased
c. Counter Defense : adds a chance of to increase your pdef and mdef when you get hit

COMMENT for knight jobs. There’s some opinions the Sword Singer and Bladedancer subs belong to enchanter group.

– lvl 80 sub grants new transformation skill for you. There’s no information on sub/transformation pairs and no information on what thing you’ll become with them, but we have a list (which is pretty useless):
Transform Divine Warrior
Transform Divine Knight
Transform Divine Wizard
Transform Divine Enchanter
Transform Divine Healer
Transform Divine Summoner
Transform Divine Rogue

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