Lineage 2 Chaotic Throne 2: Gracia (CT2) Korean Review

In 2007, many fond Update The Kamael in 2008 will be presented to the public in many ways a new Update – 2nd Throne: Gracia. First on the test server will ustalovlena first part (Part 1). Many users are very interested in a test server and the test objectives. Therefore, we will publish the basic differences approaching Update. We note that the information was released for test purposes only, and may at any time be changed or updated. “Life” System (Vitality system)
1. FLAC “vital” system, which can provide bonuses for quality (hunting).
2. “Life” is based on a system of fascination and can be added at the time of Revenue and bosses at RB.
3. Accumulated points can be used to change the fascination.
4. During hunting bosses / RV, in addition to charging ordinary ekspa will happen calculation of “real life” scores.
5. “Life” a fascination will be reflected in the status window.
Changes in the battle
1. A separate line for songov dansov and (bb overbuffing).
2. Volumes “proximity” physical damaga (damage proximity) fascination / bladders.
3. We introduce damaga factor depending on the spatial distribution of goals and fascination.
4. In remote physical attack (whazzup, lukari) introduced damaga dependence on the distance.
5. The quantity of poison damag (poisons), and bleeding (bleeding).
6. Resistance goal at the mercy of the term in custody debaffom accordingly reduced.
7. The ratio hit / promazal significantly increased.

Changing categories
1. New skill.
1.1. Transformation ‘Vanguard’ for tanks. Lv.43. Perhaps as an ordinary use, and 2 – manual sword. In this vostoyanii available only skill transformation.

1.2. Transformation ‘inkwojiteo’ for hillerov. Lv.44. In this vostoyanii available only skill transformation.
1.3. Added skills other categories:
1.3.1. Twice click on a book to learn skills: Abyss walker: ‘this previous counter’ (Lv.74). Plains walker: ‘this previous chance’ (Lv.74). Treasure hunter: ‘this previous stinger’ (Lv.74). aw, pw, th: ‘shadow staff’ (Lv.72).

1.3.2. New skills for the profession: Warsmith:
Repair Golem (40 level), Mighty Power (43 level), Armor Plate (Lv.40);
Kind of Edge (49 level), Spike (49 level), Bow string (Level 49) Whether Pace (46 level);
Tanning hard (level 46), imbeuroyideo (Level 46), Summon Merchant Golem (Level 52). Phrophet: Steel mind (Lv.44). Overall kamael: Fast cover (Lv.43). Berserker: body something there (Lv.52), blood something there (Lv.55). Soul breaker: soul something there (Lv.62). Arbalester: City of Doom (Lv.68.), Oblivion trap (Lv.64). Soul breaker, Inspector: Painkiller (Lv.58), Extreme cast of putt (Lv.40).

2. Information on new and revised the old skill:
2.1. New effect added to the following skills:
2.1.1. deflect arrow: now cuts also damag of arbalests.
2.1.2. real target: maximum range increased to 900, as well as increased damag skill, damag using onions reduced, there is a chance to remove baffy enemy.
2.1.3. Clan soul: impact on the revised kamael.
2.1.4. Bleed: added speed reduction.

2.2. Changes in the existing skill:
2.2.1. shield mastery: increased bonus for the board, as well as a chance to block the shield in the supplement to increase obschenu pdef nashenii with heavy-booking.
2.2.2. armor mastery: for fighter ‘s and for the passivki Kamael introduced effect of increasing recovery MP.
2.2.3. kamael: maximum number vmeschaemyh shower (souls) umelicheno at 40.
2.2.4. ‘soulles’: reduced price of the call.
2.2.5. ‘unicorn merrow’: at hydroblast maksimalnoe imposed restriction on the number of goals.
2.2.6. ‘Pure soul’: reduced fines for evasion.
2.2.7. “invincible” skill: each “invincible” skill can be a positive baffom. (BEGIN as here)
2.2.8. Protection of Rune, Elemental / Divine Protection: an increase mdef and elemental protection.
2.2.9. Archer / fighter will: increase the critical skills and strength.
2.2.10. clan skill: raid curse / fatal poison – debaff enacted to prevent.
2.2.11. Wild magic [baff]: increased likelihood magic criteria.
2.2.12. Wild magic [subject]: increased likelihood magic criteria.
2.2.13. dance of siren: increased likelihood magic criteria.

2.3. Reduced time caste skills: scroll of escape (?), Poison recovery, cure bleeding.

2.4. Reduced duration of skills:
2.4.1. Dodge attack: 10 seconds -> 5.
2.4.2. Counter attack: 10 seconds -> 5.

2.5. For physical skills “proximity” (proximity) changed force (power), the consumption of MR and put “overheated” (overheating):
2.5.1. Increased strength (power) physical skills.
2.5.2. MR potrebelnie decreased physical skills.
2.5.3. All skill “severe attack” is overheated.
2.5.4. MR increased consumption following switched skills: soul cry, silent move, guard stance, soul guard, vicious stance, shield fortress, true berserker, strike back. nerasshifrovannoe: eokyureosi, potityudeu, paeri stance, whoa peurenji, it’s like hard.

2.6. Changes in the system of counting the Magic damaga.
2.6.1. A magic for the rand (minimum / maximum lolfayterskim like attacks).
2.6.2. Depending on the type of weapon used, damag will vary in different limits.

2.7. Changes in spending kamaelevskih shower (souls).
2.7.1. Changed the number of souls needed to activate skills.

2.8. Changes in the system kritov magic.
2.8.1. Base chance the Magic Critical raised 10 times.
2.8.2. Magic Critical Current ratio (4 x) reduced (up to 3).
2.8.3. The maximum chance magic kritov set at 20%.
/ / he-he-he, it is time to bid farewell and sell valakasy with WM-augmentami … nurfed almost all we had! / /

2.9. Introduction of old skills for certain occupations:
2.9.1. Warsmith, bounty hunter: fatal strike.
2.9.2. abyss walker: ‘rueo’.
2.9.3. phantom summoner: d e ath spike (th koreyaki burn, burn th), summon’s cure poison, cure poison.

Changes monsters
1. Rift in the mob and catty 7 seals, except for the stereo less than 75 veniam, will use the soul / spiritshots, and the skill of protection from remote attack (whazzup, archery).

2. Due to the soul / spiritshots, and the skill of protection from remote attack, a reward for such cap increased.

3. Increased reward for RB:
3.1. Total awards increased.
3.2. When hunting for RB may obtain general subjects (intact).

4. Increased drop from conventional stereo.
4.1. Items sold in the store will no longer be dropatsya of mogstrov (pack antidotes)
4.2. Monsters dropayut new objects (weapons / armor / accessories).

Changes in the quality
1. ‘Kama Rim Locarno’, ‘Kama Locarno’, ‘Kama near Locarno’.
1.1. We introduce three instansa: ‘Kama Rim Locarno’, ‘Kama Locarno’, ‘Kama near Locarno’.
1.2. In order to test ‘Kama Rim Locarno’ will be temporarily unavailable.
1.3. Every day may visit one location once. Reset the timer 6-30 in the morning.
1.4. In order to get into the ‘Kama Rim Locarno’ there will be special ‘Pathfinder agents’.
1.5. In order to get into the ‘Kama Locarno’ there will be special ‘Head of security’.
1.6. In order to get into the ‘Kama near Locarno’ there will be special ‘Head of security’. It also would require some 3000 points.
1.7. Depending on the levela, access to the ‘Kama Rim Locarno’ is:
— 20 … 35 gludio;
— 20 … 40 dion;
— 30 … 50 hunters (?) village;
— 35 … 60 oren;
— 45 … 70 shuttgart;
— 55 … 80 rune.
1.8. Depending on the levela, access to the ‘Kama Locarno’ and ‘Kama near Locarno’ is in (NPC names omitted):
— 18 … 31 gludio;
— 28 … 41 dion;
— 38 … 51 hunters (?) village;
— 48 … 61 oren;
— 58 … 71 shuttgart;
— 68 … 78 rune.

2. Party (?).
2.1. Updated every ordinary cell by increasing the drop of them.
2.2. This refers to the fascination exerci 56 and above.

3. Other monsters.
3.1. Monsters in the catacombs now allow greater distance to go before the original position. The function returns znachietlno finalized.

4. Upgrading quality.
4.1. Improved: breka stronghlod, garden of beasts, forest of outlaw.

5. Hell bound.
5.1. For the first successful fascination in Quest “The dalgu jump on the iron sink.” No need to pass a new Quest “Helbaundeuro road.” Accordingly, the requirements changed from the NPC.

1. Price items.
1.1. The price of a bookstore NPC reduced to arms, armour and accessories.

2. Craft.
2.1. A shansovy craft “very rare” things (kamalskoe weapons, and the transformation of something else …)
2.2. To use a “very rare” things needed konsultatiya a BS of mammon. (kamalskoe weapons, and the transformation of something else …)

3. The new weapons, armor and accessories.
3.1. We introduce new items of general purpose baffy and something else to a DCOM-inclusive. Perhaps as a buy in a store, and drive from the monsters.

4. Shops and further exchanges of things.
4.1. The shops available light X-greyd things. In lyuksore available in the elementary-greyd things.
4.2. Things V-DCOM can now be exchanged at the BS of mammon.
4.3. There are some ornaments for the head.

5. Accessibility mdef-booking.
5.1. ring / necklace / earrings.

6. New baffy instant (a duration of 2 to 5 minutes). That is herby:
6.1. effect vampiric rage, deadly strike (nepoyanyayayayatno), “herb doubt” (omg!).

Changes in the system of PVP
1. CRP.
1.1. Every 40 exerci fascination intelligence may have its “personal CRP” through klanvara, castle siege, Olympiad, kolizeya underground, the festival of darkness, the seizure of the fortress, etc.
1.2. In the coliseum at a relevant NPC possible fights at the CRP.

2. Shop CRP.
2.1. In items (weapons / armor) added new properties that influence in PVP (there can be bartered / dropnuto).
2.2. To purchase these properties must participate in the fighting.
2.3. Exchange for some applications CRP.
2.4. Vozmonzhno reduction and removal of PK.

3. Fines on the battlefield.
3.1. At inscribed manner fascination for death penalties do not apply.
3.2. But for a certain period may snienie fighting abilities at a certain level.

4. Charm of courage.
4.1. Changed in a way that implement the automatic resurrection on the battlefield.

5. Displaying opportunities PVP.
5.1. Name atanovavshego fascination is in the target and malware cherenie there in 120 seconds. If the 20 seconds before the end of that period damaga bear it no longer, target is removed.

Changes in the clan
1. It is expected to increase efforts in obtaining clans CRP.

Changes in properties
1. The following changes:
1.1. some property booking increases about 2-fold.
1.2. increases the chance of success / passing
1.3. sohranayutsya existing bonuses, the level of properties increases.

Changes in the system petov / sammonov
1. New items for petov
1.1. We introduce mdef-objects for petov.
1.2. Introduced improved armor for baby-petov. (They can also be used for normal / improved baby-petov.)

2. Improvements petov system.
2.1. Time resurgence of a murdered peta increased to 24 hours.

3. Changes sammonov system.
3.1. Battle sammonov changed the parameters (HP, pdef / mdef, patk / matk).

4. New sammonov baffy.
4.1. We introduce new skills for Feline Queen, Seraphim unicorn, Nightshade (for sammonov 56 exerci):
4.1.1. Feline Queen: blessed body, blessed soul, haste (?) (Bye PP)
4.1.2. Seraphim unicorn: acumen, clarity, empower, wild magic (S E farewell, whazzup nerf EE)
4.1.3. Nightshade: death whisper, guidance, focus (and re-bid … SE PP and PS + ES – new export-ligament lolz)

Changes in quests
1. Existing quests.
1.1. Increased reward for quests at 1 profession.
1.2. Increased reward for quests at 2 profession, drop objects increased, but their numbers reduced.
1.3. Master Tom boolee does not alter its position (generally a thing of the past era …)
1.4. The award for quests for CRP increased.
1.5. Changed the requirement to the level of Quest Merciless venger A: 12 -> 10.
1.6. Increased Prize for throwaway quests. (Awards for some quests not changed.)
1.7. Increased reward for the repetitive quests. (Awards for some quests not changed.)
1.8. Revised Quest in the garden of beasts.
1.9. tutorial quest:
1.9.1. Day officially introduced nubskih fascination for more information about the techniques and methods of obtaining professional 1.

2. New quests.
2.1. Special orders (Lv.40): Mystical Cube award.

2.2. Reciprocate precedence (Lv.39).
2.2.1. Simplification quests for 2 prof.
2.2.2. Unable to dimloma kamael.
2.3. Demon’s trail (Lv.15): Quest repeated in the village of orcs.

2.4. Inventor’s dream (Lv.18): Quest repeated in the village of dwarves.

2.5. Hell boud road: Hell bound only Canadian fascination, fulfilled this Quest. This Quest staovitsya available after another Quest – “The dalgu Steel Back” and makes available the opportunity to use Warp gate for access to Hell bound.

Changes to the interface
1. The filter chat.
1.1. A system of personal filters nepodobaschih “words. For its use should ditch “inappropriate” word in spetsialno invented for the occasion of (heavy) basket.

2. Change the color names of the object.
2.1. Some items associated with the castle, for contrast, color changed the title.

3. Removing baffov functions.
3.1. To remove the effects baffov, Atl + click the mouse button at the appropriate baffe.

1. Nuby baffy.
1.1. Char to 62 exerci may receive nubi baffy.

2. New herby.
2.1. To increase the quality and effectiveness of a fan, for different professor introduced various herby.

3. Increase Granted upload of fascination.
3.1. Chara, created in the village kamaeley must come to a special NPC for additional bonuses.

4. Reducing cycles raid-glasses.
4.1. During the weekly prophylaxis, for the raid-points will be credited CRP. Clans pay for the use of klanhollov otpredelenny plaezh in CRP on monthly basis, which is reduced by about half.

5. Free teleporty.
5.1. For fascination below 40 exerci provided with free teleporty from CC.

6. A system of “joint action” (social action).

7. Labels.
7.1. A reset button all the custom settings labels.

In conclusion want to point out that this is – only a superficial description of all innovations



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